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The web is full of essay writing services that write your assignments and encourage you to hand them in as your own. However, not all services are trustworthy. In a high pressure situation, you need a service that has a solid track record and meets your requirements completely. You need a service that is patient with your requirements and understands that you may have to come back to them with revisions based on your tutor’s feedback especially in case of bigger papers and dissertations. Most assignment writing services these days are fly by night operators who would send you a poorly written papers once you have made the payment.

For these reasons, it becomes imperative for you to do your research before ordering with an essay writing service. Just because a service is cheaper than most others is no reason for you to select them. For all you know, the papers written by them may not even pass and you may end up with wasting your money on their “cheap service”. You may well spend a little more and get a service that is worth every penny you spend.

Don’t procrastinate in these matters of urgency. We all know how critical our assignments are to our studies. An improperly constructed assignment, carried out without sufficient study, research and analysis as well as not written in the correct language can lead to dropped grades, which will impact your academic record.

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What you get when you order with others

No progress notifications. The best you can get is your final paper on your deadline, leaving no time for amendments

Many hidden charges such as processing fee, paper delivery fee, extra pages fee, appendices fee and so on

No actual discounts. Prices are increased and then discounted as a part of their marketing gimmicks. They also ask you to pay more before delivering the final paper

Papers are written by college drop outs looking for part time jobs to earn a quick buck. This is why you don’t get progress notifications

You either don’t have time for revisions as you get your paper on the deadline, or they refuse free revisions or ignore your emails

No customer support once you place the order. New customers are entertained before you pay. Once you pay, you are connected to a different team, who either don’t respond or are very rude and unhelpful

No support from the customer service team. Writers do not communicate as they work on your paper just a few hours before your deadline and send you a hastily written paper

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